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Sick of your anxiety? Feel lost and alone? This is the ONE thing that will help you! Life will NEVER be the same again!

This Is What You Will Learn:

Day One: Time to take control....

Feeling the way we do can sometimes feel out of your control and now it’s time to realise you can regain that control and be at Cause and not at the effect side of life. 

This is the first step to understanding that you are in charge, in charge to do, feel and be how you want to be.

Day Two: Time To Understand....

When we understand how we create and experience our world we live in and in turn the anxiety.

Then with this understanding how we can change the feeling anxiety to how we want to feel.

I’ll share a personal story that will help you understand and how change can happen so quickly.

In understanding we can prepare for the change you desire and how that change will positively affect other areas of your life.

Day Three: Time to focus on what you want

Whether you focus on what you want or don’t want – that’s what you will experience. 

I’ll explain the power of focus and the power of your thoughts.

In understanding this we get to direct our unconscious mind how you want to feel and set the direction of your attention and intention.

I’ll share my personal experiences of how simply setting your intention clearly to your unconscious mind can make massive positive change and for that change to ripple into other areas of your life.

Day Four – Time to take action

In this session we will learn the strategy for success and how to achieve you goals.

Follow this formula, this process to not only let go of how you want to feel but anything else you want to achieve.

There are only five simple steps (remember in simplicity there’s genius) and guide you through each step so bring your paper and pencil and we’ll begin…….

Day Five: The final discovery

Day five has been split over two parts because it’s time to understand the whole picture of issue and the solution.

You will need paper and something to write with so we can record our discovery of the effect of your anxiety, the positive intention of your anxiety, the feelings/emotions you want to feel.

From this we can work our way to the two or three things that when disappeared will allow you to let go of the anxiety and allow the things you want to come into your life and then use the previous days learning and processes to enable you to get there.

From here you can decide if you wish to continue to work by yourself or come with me to let me take you through powerful processes and hypnosis sessions to let go of this anxiety as if you were my private client.

There will also be an extra bonus hypnosis track. See you there ;0)


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