Imagine having an inner retreat of the mind, an inner sanctuary where you can go to find answers to your inner most problems, find sanctuary to relax, to learn, to remember, if fact anything you desire and your imagination can create.
The power of Hypnosis
Using the power of hypnosis and your unconscious mind we will create/build an inner sanctuary/retreat/mind palace, a place to leave the distractions of the outside world.
Using your conscious mind to direct your unconscious mind to meet your desires and wishes and find the resources you need for the outside world.
You will receive hypnosis downloads to:
  • Create your inner retreat
  •  Add to your retreat whenever you desire allowing it to evolve with your needs and changing experiences
  •  Go to your inner retreat for 15 minutes
  •  Or even a longer 25 minutes

That’s 4 hypnosis tracks!

What could you create or use this unique inner resource for:
A healing room?
A mental cleansing shower room?
Letting go of negative emotions and beliefs?
A place to think?
A library of memories, information?
Maybe a furnace to finally burn away old issues?
A cinema room to replay wonderful memories?
All of the above and as much as your imagination can create!


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