Using the power of hypnosis and your unconscious mind you can access truly deep relaxation.

Imagine being able to relax every muscle, even your mind – How good would that be? 

What effect would it have on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors? 

Let me guide your unconscious mind to reach and experience deep relaxation.

This is NOT guided meditation and uses both your conscious AND your unconscious mind to create a way to experience deep relaxation and learn to relax quickly and easily whenever you desire.
So…………Let’s take the time to relax our whole body and our mind. Time to recharge and revitalise yourself which because of the busy life you lead you deserve to and need this time to do nothing BUT relax.
Because I want you to use relaxation whenever you need it I have created two hypnosis sessions for you.
Listen to the longer hypnosis track as part of your regular health and fitness regime and whenever you feel the need.
Once you, your body and your mind are used to the process (after 2-3 listens of the longer track) use the shorter 5 minute hypnosis track for mini breaks at any time during the day. You will be amazed how different you will feel after only just a short time of using these two tools.

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